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Will Richardson notes the emphasis on building community and connections locally (rather than publishing student work to the world) within the school at the Science Leadership Academy, in a tone akin to bemusement.

Maybe this betrays my bias, but I don’t think it’s possible to create a global community without some experience at a smaller scale. This was my same sense that I had when I was in Tennessee and we celebrated all of our community service volunteers (of where there were many and they were doing remarkable and wonderful work, no doubt about it), but neglected some folks doing real service to a community awfully close to home: the lab assistants in my computer labs.

Yesterday in David Jakes’ session at EduCon we were discussing the idea of classroom permeability, which usually starts at some glowing level in the stratosphere talking about how all of our students will be connected to every information source in the world and publishing papers that renowned scientists will read and review… etc., etc. (It makes me gag, if that wasn’t already apparent.)

Let’s talk about not just talk about, but start working on making these same connection between teachers, classrooms and students in our own schools. With some grounding in how this works face-to-face with people with whom we already have a relationship, it will be that much easier to try networking with more exotic and exciting people (and, in all fairness, the faculty at my school is plenty exotic and exciting for most people’s tastes).

January 27th, 2008

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