Staging Area

Setting Up Blender

  1. Set Better Defaults
  2. Splitting (and Joining) Views

Basics of Working with Models

  1. Add and Remove Objects
  2. Move Objects with the Translate Manipulator
  3. Spin and Twist Objects with the Rotate Manipulator
  4. Make Objects Bigger and Smaller with the Scale Manipulator
  5. Save (and Reopen) Models

Working with Meta Shapes

  1. Overview of Working with Meta Shapes
  2. Convert a Meta Shape into a Mesh Object

Materials and Painting

  1. Basic Materials for Color and Shininess
  2. Diffuse, Specular and Ambient Lighting (Conceptual Background)
  3. Painting Colors on to a Model with Vertex Painting
  4. More Detailed Vertex Painting

Lights, Camera and Rendering Images

  1. Basics of Adjusting Lighting, Camera Angles and Rendering an Image
  2. Using Multiple, Colored Lights
  3. Using Ambient Lighting and Ambient Occlusion to Improve Image Quality


  1. Basic Keyframe Animation
  2. Rendering an Animation into a Movie

Building Armatures

These series of videos is also available as a playlist.

  1. Starting an Armature
  2. Adding Bones to Your Armature
  3. Continuing Your Armature From a “Butt” Joint
  4. Add Armature Bones in the Third Dimension
  5. Naming the Bones of the Armature
  6. Attach the Armature to a Mesh Model
  7. Creating Vertex Groups
  8. Multiple Vertex Groups

Duplicating Objects

  1. Using Animation (and DupliFrames) to Duplicate Objects
  2. Duplicating Objects Along a Specific (Complex) Path
  3. Converting DupliFrame Objects into Real Objects

Sculpting Mesh Objects

  1. Introduction to Sculpting Meshes

UV Textures

This series of videos is also available as a playlist.

  1. Unwrapping a Mesh Object into a UV Texture
  2. Using Seams to Modify (and Improve) UV Texture Shapes
  3. Exporting Your UV Texture as an Image File
  4. Editing the UV Texture in Photoshop
  5. Importing the UV Texture into Blender
  6. Using a UV Texture as an Object Material
  7. Editing an Existing UV Texture in Photoshop and Blender

June 6th, 2011

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